Planning To Rent A Car? Check For These Top Must-Have Accessories.

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Rented a car from Selfdrive and now are you looking for some tips on how to make maximum use of your rented car. Let your worries flutter when you rent a car from Selfdrive. In this blog, you will find what are the essential accessories you are required to add to your rental car for a comfortable and secure journey.

By renting a car you have already made a wise decision. Though you can't make any permanent modifications to your rental car, you can add a few car accessories for your own safety and comfort.

Phone Mount.

Everyone knows how hazardous it is to use a mobile while driving even if it is for searching locations. Some drivers place the phone on the cup holder without realizing the danger it can cause.

In the absence of GPS in cars phone maps on your phone come to the rescue and the phone should be placed at the eye level of the driver. This will be easy for the driver to keep an eye on the road and spontaneously follow the directions on the map.

Placing a phone mount to hold your phone on your behalf while driving your car is one of the safest choices. This small device can save you from dreadful accidents by just holding your mobile at a perfect angle.


Using GPS throughout the journey your mobile will drain an enormous amount of your mobile battery. If you forget to charge your mobile before starting the journey you will need a charger to have access to the Map application on your mobile.

Charge your mobile while tracing the location with full-screen brightness so you still have your phone fully charged at the end of the trip. Always make sure to have a suitable cable to charge your phone in the car. The best option is always having a multi-charger cable or a car phone charger as it is handy and will be useful for all passengers in cars.

Dash Camera

When renting a car installing a dash camera is an essential part. The dash camera records all the movements while driving and even while the rented car is parked. This plays the role of the first evidence for any accidents happening around or you are involved. With the help of a dash camera, you can prove your innocence at the time of an accident.

Compact Collapsible Garbage Bin

Spending hours in the car is likely to make the rental car untidy with food wrappers and used tissues. So always have a compact collapsible trash bin to keep the rental car neat. This tiny garbage bin not only keeps the car clean but also saves space in the rented car. Hang the garbage bin at any convenient space in the car and keep the car clean.

Tissue Holder

To clean something immediately one must have tissues in the rented car. Not only eating food inside the car, but many other things can also make your hands messy. To clean and not let the dirt spread on the other parts of the car tissue acts as a saviour.

To keep the box of tissues in place and easily reachable add a tissue holder. One can either add an elastic or velcro behind the seat to grab it conveniently whenever needed.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Though the portable trash bin keeps most of the rubbish away. The micro dust particles and dirt are hard to get rid of. The small lightweight device removes the dust, sand and other minute dirt from each corner of the car. The vacuum cleaner is very portable and won't occupy much space in the trunk.

Car Freshener

Rental cars in Selfdrive are always kept clean and sanitized. However, the smell of food, smoke, pets and other items lingers inside the car. Car freshener masks up the unnecessary smell and gives a personal touch with a pleasant fragrance. The fresh fragrance will freshen you up and uplift your mood and seamless journey.

Back Seat Organizer

The back seat organizer totes all your necessary belongings for you and also keeps your rental car organized. The organizer will hold everything in the perfect place which helps you to trace the item easily whenever you need them.

Hang the organizer behind the seat and use it to tote all your belongings without any mess around your rented car.

Window Sunshade

Vehicles used by the public have been forbidden from tinting this includes the cars you rent. So, car rental companies don’t tint the windows of the cars. To shield yourself from the scorching rays of the sun you can utilise window sunshades. Window sunshades protect the passengers from the harmful UV rays and heat of the sun.

Even, while parking the rental car in an open space lets the hot sun rays hit the interiors of the car directly through the dashboard. Which increases the humidity inside the car. Place a windscreen sunshade and safeguard yourself from the humidity inside the car.


Team Selfdrive always makes sure to double-check the presence of a first-aid kit in the rental car. If you are on a road trip you must have the necessary accessories to be able to enjoy the moments with comfort. These accessories will add convenience and can enjoy a smooth seamless process to the rented car.

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