Safe And Secure Drive: Things to avoid while driving your rental car.

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Being aware of safe driving tips is very important, especially if you are a new driver. Safe driving doesn't depend only on the driver but also on the condition of the roads and the vehicle as well. The quality of the roads in Kuwait is safe to drive, but make sure you follow all the rules and don't join the violating drivers club.

Vehicle's Fitness

The rented car's condition is as important as the driver's fitness for a safe journey. Always make sure the condition of the car is perfect to drive on the roads. The condition of the vehicle reflects the quality of the drive. A rented car, which is in a good state, gives you a smooth and safe drive.

The cars rented from Selfdrive are perfectly well-maintained, clean and serviced from time to time. However, it's always advisable to check the gas level, wipers, brakes, lights, and sound of the car all by yourself for your satisfaction and confidence before driving the car.

Secure With Seat Belt

Fastening the seat belt should be the primary priority as soon as you sit inside the car no matter which car you are driving. In case of an accident, the harness of the seat belt will protect both the driver and the passengers from getting pushed out of the windshield.

Stressed Or Sleepy: Avoid Driving

Be cautious, whatever the situation may be and avoid driving while you are stressed or sleepy. Being stressed or sleepy can affect concentration and can lead to dreadful accidents. If you feel sleepy during the journey, hand over the steering to your co-driver and take a nap or pull over to a nearby parking space and park your car.

In the absence of your co-driver, pause the driving for a while. Park your rental car and take as much rest as needed. After the nap, you will feel fresh to kick-start driving your rented car again.

Drink And Drive Not Allowed

Most countries in the world don't tolerate driving under the influence of alcohol especially, Islamic countries like Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

If you have consumed alcohol you must avoid driving your rented car or your own purchased car. Alcohol is confirmed to delay the reaction sensitivity of the human body. Requesting a friend to drive for you or booking a taxi if you have consumed alcohol is always a sage idea.

Stick To Defensive Driving

Defensive driving has always proved to be the safest way of driving. Don't know what defensive driving is?

Defensive driving is always being mindful of the way other drivers drive their cars. And be prepared to escape from any possible collisions. If the other driver is overspeeding or trying to rage you out, stay calm and avoid road crashes, be attentive while crossing the pedestrian, following the road safety rules, these all is what defensive driving means.

Being equipped with necessary tools like a neon reflector to notify the other drivers when you have parked your rented car on the roadside at night. In short, safeguarding yourself from danger while driving is defensive driving.

Obey The Speed Limit

Over speeding is one of the main causes of life-threatening road accidents. The speed limit hoarding boards are kept for a reason. Always keep an eye on the speed limit and maintain the speed correctly.

Especially when you are driving for long hours it's obvious to lose focus on the road. To avoid this situation, always keep a check on the speed meter. In many cases, people drive fast because they are afraid of being late. Starting early to reach on time rather than breaking the speed limit is not a solution.

Social Distancing Between Two Vehicles

Social distancing is not only applicable to humans it's also for vehicles for a safe drive. There are 2 rules to follow to maintain the correct distance between two vehicles. If you are driving in good weather then follow the 3 seconds rule. And if the weather is mischievous then follow the 6 seconds rule.

This rule is most commonly known as the seconds rule. Following this rule will prevent you from hitting the opposite vehicle if the driver applies a sudden break. The cushion space between your rented car and another vehicle should be counted in seconds. Maintain the distance and reach your destination without any hassle

Store Up The Car With Tools

Emergency needs can occur at any time without giving prior notice so always equip the car with the necessary tools. In case of a car break down or a tire blows out or someone is hurt in the car if you are packed with proper tools you need not worry about anything.

Your Safety

Your Safety is in your hands so, drive attentively and make sure to cover the vehicle with insurance. Rent a car from Selfdrive as all our cars are covered under insurance. Rules are framed for safety purposes, follow the rules and stay safe.

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