Tips To Follow During A Sandstorm For A Safe Drive In Your Rented Car

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Gulf countries are prone to sandstorms frequently, especially during summers. As summer has already begun it is always wise to be aware of this meteorological phenomenon and secure ourselves and our rental cars by following the safety steps.

Sandstorms usually occur in desert areas. In which, the speed of wind carries away the top layer of the sand from the ground. This leads to an increase in invisibility and other hazardous health effects as the wind carries many viruses with the sand.

During sandstorms, there is an extremely high probability of car crashes due to poor visibility. Stay home if you are aware of the upcoming weather forecast. Unfortunately, if you get caught by a sandstorm unexpectedly during your journey don't panic. Just follow these steps and save your life on the road.

Slow Drive With Headlights On

The contaminated wind reduces the visibility. This increases the chances of cars crashing with each other. In order to prevent this, keep your headlights on to warn the other drivers of your presence on the road.

It is always advised not to drive during a sandstorm. But, if you can't avoid travelling make sure you are driving slowly. Due to the poor visibility, the cars around you will appear only when you are close to them which might lead to accidents.

Don't Stop Abruptly

Stopping your car suddenly on the road is very dangerous, especially during a sandstorm. This is the central reason for collisions to occur. Stop only when you find a perfect and safe spot away from the road.

If you face any sudden breakdown, have a road assistance number for your rescue. Rent a car from Selfdrive Kuwait and get 24/7 quick road assistance in just a call.

Safe Distance

The contaminated wind blurs the vision on the road. The vehicles on the road are invisible unless they are close enough to your rented car. So, keep enough distance from other vehicles to avoid collision in case of any unexpected breaks.

In a situation of meteorological phenomenon, one must strictly stick to the standard safe driving etiquette.

Shift To A Higher Ground

During a sandstorm, driving can be challenging. As high wind loads, the road tracks with a heap of sand. Shift driving your rented car to higher ground as it gets difficult to trace the path through a sand-covered road. Avoid driving on sandy roads. Get your way out of roads which are close to the sand.

Lock The Windows

The dust mixed with the wind not only affects the outer atmosphere of the car but also the inner. Make sure the windows of your rented car are closed and have no space for the dusty wind to enter the car cabin. Switch on the car's air conditioner and keep the air vent inside the car closed while driving.

The impure air will affect health when inhaled, it will cause multiple health effects like asthma. Wear a face mask to protect yourself from inhaling the impure air.

Skip Driving In High Intensity

The intensity of a storm varies from time to time. If you find the intensity to be increasing while driving, park your rented car in a safe spot and don't drive until the weather is clear. Make sure to check the weather forecast before starting the journey to prepare yourself in advance. Never forget to accompany a first aid kit with you in your car.

Last Verdict

Don't be scared if any hard object hits your car because of the high wind. Don't take any risks to save the car from damage and don't put your and other people's life at risk. When you come across any difficult situation, never panic. Panicking will distract you from taking the right action on time.

Keep all the distractions away and strictly stick to the safe driving rules. Act wisely and drive safely. Rent a car from Selfdrive and drive without any worries and enjoy a seamless and hassle-free drive. Get assistance from the Selfdrive team whenever you are in need. Download the Selfdrive app now and get booking your new car.

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